Tamol xx 200mg (Tramadol)


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Tamol xx 200mg (Tramadol)

Tamol xx 200mg red is a pain medication containing 200mg of tramadol hydrochloride. it is a prescription drug that’s available as an extended-release tablet .

Tramadol’s maximum analgesic efficacy for relieving acute pain after oral surgery appears to be similar to that of 60 milligrams of codeine alone but less than that of a full therapeutic dose of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug or a codeine combination, such as aspirin/codeine or acetaminophen/codeine.

Is tramadol a narcotic? The facts: tramadol is classified as a centrally-acting, oral analgesic (pain drug) that contains an opioid (narcotic). So yes, tramadol is a narcotic. Other opioids include drugs you may be more familiar with, like oxycodone or codeine.
XX tamol 200 mg  abused for its calming and euphoric effects. People who abuse Tramadol usually feel relaxed and happy. People with severe pain may also take higher doses of the drug, which puts them at higher risks of serious side effects, including seizures and respiratory depression.

Side effects.

  • sleepiness.
  • headache.
  • nervousness.
  • uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body.
  • muscle tightness.
  • changes in mood.
  • heartburn or indigestion.
  • dry mouth.

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